clyde louwIt’s important to know who is behind the course.

You see there is no course like this. Not at any university or institution in the world.

Graphic designer, Web designer, Videographer, Project Director, Sales Manager, Digital Marketing Developer, Composer, Musician, Music Editor, Producer.

My Name is Clyde Louw. After years of building my own business and working for many companies, I have had the privilege of working for some of the largest branding companies in the world. I have dealt with small and large manufacturers, resellers, agencies and governments. From the 2010 world cup soccer in South Africa to being the project director for the 24th Men’s World Handball championships in Doha Qatar, the fastest growing hub of sports facilities in the world. Unsurpassed world class branding.

From surfing events, to A1 racing and the PGA.  Large retailers and distributors. All these events showcase incredible marketing from print to LED. Web design to Social media.

Like most industries, the consumer seldom experiences the logistics of the end products or service, only the end result, as that is what should happen. The objective is to provide a good experience for the customer.

Being backstage in all these cases I have had privy to some massive failures which is some instances resulted in the end user or customer being the victim.

In all cases there was one common denominator. Someone or some company in the mix never knew what they were doing, and thus the wheels come off.

This costs millions and could have been prevented.

That is how innovation Design Came about. Originally a reseller and agency. But after seeing all the failures and problems involved in the process I moved to training and consulting. I have worked with marketing managers who do not know what CMYK stands for. With buyers who do not know what a digital print is. With signage reps who do not know how to work out the area of a square. Owners who want a sign and send their business card as artwork. Graphic designers who don’t know the difference between curves and flattened images. As a result the breakdown in the system and eventually the end product.

My course will provide anyone responsible for the branding of their company with basic knowledge to oversee all areas from web design to manufacturing flags, from social media management to video production.

From business cards to promoting your company online, I will walk you through every element of branding your company needs, in just a few days.

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