brand logisticsimagine the following scenario. Sipho is getting dressed up on a Friday night ready to hit a new club. He is wearing hIs best clothes, best cologne and ready to meet lots of lovely ladies. He needs to be on top of his game tonight as there will be other guys in the club who will be competition. 

He puts on his designer watch, chains and he’s sporting his tattoo. Off he goes and while driving there he thinks about all the girls that are going to be there.

When he arrives there is a long queue. So he stands and waits in line. There are mostly guys in the queue, so he wanders how many girls are going to be inside.

Eventually Sipho gets inside and makes his way to the bar to get a drink. He looks around and to his horror there are very few women and hundreds of guys. The odds of Sipho getting a girl tonight are very slim. So he goes home.

He calls some mates and says the club was no good, and invites them to his place. He says they must bring some girls. He will supply the drinks.

An hour late Sipho is surrounded by girls and mates and having the time of his life.

The moral of the story is that Sipho had to create his own environment in order to make things happen.

The general culture in South Africa is to get a matric, and then study a degree or diploma. This is a logical train of thought and certainly someone with a qualification is going to get preference over someone without. So they take all their savings or parents money and spend it on a qualification. Usually they choose a field of study that is popular, and this is where the problem starts. You have the club scenario where there are hundreds of applicants and not enough jobs. The very supply and demand you study about has made you a statistic. What does job stand for? “Just Over Broke”

What is worse is that the qualifications remuneration decreases because there are hundreds of bidders. While there may be a law defining minimum wages, there is no law defining the minimum salary for each field of study, so a qualified marketing manager may be prepared to take on a position well below the market related salary. Business can now demand a degree for a sales rep, but the salary will be the same as 10 years ago for a matriculant. So now you can appreciate what value matric holds. 

That’s the dire side of having to take what you can get. It gets worse. What happens when you graduate and the there are no jobs. 


There is one simple answer. STOP LOOKING FOR A JOB AND CREATE JOBS.

Never before in the history of SA has there been more opportunity than there is now to earn good money.

And all you have to do is take action. If you do not have the money, find it. If you are about to spend thousands on a degree, STOP. By the time you have finished studying and waiting to get a job, you could be the owner of your own business now employing those with degrees